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TEATIME TREATS - October 2020.

Weekly comfort zone with Lorraine Bowen.

Weekly series going out on Thursday at 3.30pm GMT

Starting Thursday 29th October...

Each week I'll be featuring a new cake and singing a song/doing an exercise or some interactive nonsense!

As per usual, requests and shout-outs on the social media page or via Buy Me a Coffee (it would be lovely to receive a frothy cappuccino a few days before so I can organise that).

Rachel Birchwood
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Rachel Birchwood
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Well that lemon drizzle cake certainly looked lovely! Here's for a cuppa to go with your next cake! 😊 

Sam and Caitlin
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Hi Lorraine we are Sam and Caitlin, two Manchester Metropolitan University students and we watch your videos all the time! We love fun to be a fish and chaos in the 99p store! Have a lovely day! X

Paul Mason
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John Cooper
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Please wish a fantastic birthday to Sweepy Doll David!

Sweepy Doll David gets a birthday mention this week!  Thank you so much for the coffees John!