No, it is not a game, it is the title of my newest article published by the Illumination online magazine on Medium. This marks my first contribution to the excellent Illumination magazine in which you will find excellent content.

I was actually writing another article (currently in draft) when I realized that it was better if I explained the concept of Castles, Peasants & Wanderers in an article of its own. I chose that title because it sort of frames it the medieval ages. However, you will read in the article that the concept still applies to modern days and will continue to apply in the future! That's the reason why the article's body talks about Villagers, Explorers and Marketers.

I had been thinking on this concept for some years already, but I finally decided to write about it. This new article is sort of the equivalent to The Bazaar and the Cathedral essay written by Eric Raymond. In it, I explain concepts such as Mental Inertia and Social Momentum which explain modern phenomena like why people stay with WhatsApp or Facebook (to give one example) even when some of them know how harmful those platforms are to their privacy and well-being. Learn how each of the two relate to each other. You will also find the supporting theory behind The Villagers (peasants), Explorers (wanderers) and Marketers (Nobles in the castle).

👉Please do read "Of Castles, Peasants and Wanderers" and see how this theory still applies to modern social phenomena, and take your first steps to a new mindset in the Pyramid of Social Illumination (Pyramid of the State of Being).