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Hey guys! I am a music producer who writes music for film and content creators. I love producing free royalty free music as it helps so many people out. Would love to connect!

I love producing free music for content creators and filmmakers so they can use it in their content and work.

If you like my free music for film, content and media, please consider buying me a coffee. It helps me to keep producing original music and adding to my free music library!

Thank you for your support!

Stephane Blanchette
Stephane Blanchette bought 5 coffees.

Thank you very much, Louise, for your high quality music.

Thank you Stephane, really appreciate it. 

Joe Armstrong Humanist Celebrant

Wonderful music with an Irish/Celtic feel. Amazing quality, values and offering. Makes purchase and licensing so simple. One stop shop. Glad I found you!

Thank you so much, Joe! I really appreciate it! 😃  

Yann bought 2 coffees.

Hi, thanks, I love your music, I'm casually working on video games and will use your music if I ever release something.

Thank you, Yann! I really appreciate it. The very best of luck with your video game production. I hope it goes well 😃 Thanks again and take care, Louise.  

Jameela Boardman
Jameela Boardman bought 2 coffees.

Thank you, I do love your Celtic music

Thanks so much, Jameela! Looking forward to seeing your latest productions. 

Mike Hutson bought 3 coffees.

You're the best, Louise! You make the best music! 😊 

Hi Mike, thank you so much! I really do appreciate your support! It means a lot. Louise.