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Hey guys! I am a music producer who writes music for film and content creators. I love producing free royalty free music as it helps so many people out. Would love to connect!

I love producing free music for content creators and filmmakers so they can use it in their content and work.

If you like my free music for film, content and media, please consider buying me a coffee. It helps me to keep producing original music and adding to my free music library!

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you so much for your support, it means so much. Louise. x

Robert Neu
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Hi Louise, I just found your music and I downloaded some of it. I make very very small travel movies about some trips that I done and I dont know yet if some music will fit, but I loved many tracks so far and I would like to thank you! keep up the great work!

Hi Robert, Thank you so much for your very generous donation. I really do appreciate it. I am delighted that you enjoy the music and I really hope the tracks are of help to you. Best of luck with your travel movie productions and thank you once again for your kind support. Louise. 😄 

Margaret Mckenna
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Thank you so much, Margaret!  

Eimear Stassin
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Margaret Mckenna
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Love the sound!!

Hi Margaret! Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate your support and kind words. Louise.