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This is a collection of royalty-free music that can be used without fear of copyright strikes including Twitch DMCA take-down notices and YouTube copyright strikes.

You can download and use this music free of charge as part of your videos, game streams, game developments; or any other content that requires music.

Please just add credit as per the following example:

>> Music: or “Song Title” from

This free music download is:

1 - DMCA Free Music [Safe music to use on Twitch in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act]

2 - Can be used as background music on your game streams safely.

3 - Can be used as background music for YouTube videos.

4 - Can be used by game developers as background music for games.

5 - Can be used as background music on podcasts, videos, films, websites, and other content needing royalty-free music.

6 - This free royalty-free music comes with a full professional license so you can prove to anyone who may ask, that you have permission to use this music.