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Hi, I'm Su. I love to write. Mostly they are short stories. Fiction or not, you choose. Don't forget to let me know what sort of stories you prefer.

Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my stories, please consider buying me a coffee. There's absolutely no pressure or obligation, but thanks a million for your support, if you do.
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Love your writing.💕😃

Thanks Julie, really appreciate your support😘

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Hope you like the app! 🎁

Love it. Thanks for the coffee

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Good luck 

Thanks posse.🥰 That will keep me going for a good bit. 

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Here is a Chai Latte on me 😁. Great website and stories...Keep going!

Thanks for your support Linda,🥰 Sorry that took a while... Trouble at mill! But its mostly sorted now.

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Keep writing! 

Thanks 😍😘. Really appreciate your support