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I am Amy Li, a self-taught cartoonist, a cat lover, an armature Ping Pong player living in Finland.

My story of being a cartoonist started in the summer of 2017 when I got sick. In 2018 during my treatment, I made 100 cartoons drawings of the story of my boyfriend and me as a birthday gift for him. We were so happy when reading the drawings together, though both of us were full of tears, the happy tears. 

It surprised me that I CAN draw cartoons somehow and cartoons have a magic happy power. So later when I was ready for work I decided to take my risk to try to make a living by making cartoons, something which I do enjoy and at the same time can make others happy. 

So I started to make my cartoon books and created my Facebook page of Amy's Silly Cartoon. It is trying to provide people, especially the busy women with a place where they can have a break from their busy life and feel a moment of relaxation, comfort and warmth of being connected and understood through my cartoons.

I DO need your support. You can support me in many ways, such as, buy A Beautiful Year - Cat Popi's Journal, a sweet book for cat ladies illustrated and written by me under Posts or on Amazon or Google Play, be my member or supporter, share my drawings which you like with your loved ones. Any of your support means a lot to me.

Thank you!

Best regards to you and your loved ones.

Amy Li