When his name is Hunter....


My father is in an advanced state of leukemia and I've been taking care of him for the last four years. I dropped my entire CEO career, sold my company, and isolated myself with him to be there for him and his needs. I can't lose my dad....

However, all the money I had, which weren't pennies, are reaching red line, and my dad needs his treatment and surgery which cost a lot, and I have no other ways of paying but taking a job after four years of complete retirement from the working field on all sides.

At 34, a curvy, former brilliant CEO in the public eyes and a rare and important person in the shadows under the name of Saint, I, Lacey Holtrey, need to get my ass back to work to save my dad.

My best friend, Brenda, secures for me a job interview at one of the most reputable movie companies having as head a young billionaire and big mafia boss, 26-year-old Hunter Markle, with the looks of an Adonis and the built of a Greek God.

Upon my interview there for the job position as the assistant/secretary of CEO Hunter Markle, things play another way, and from a normal job position, he requires a 24h assistant job from me right before I want to walk away from his office. The damn money I need for my dad take the best of my pride of not working under a younger than me and with not that innocent looks at me boss, so I accept it. But soon enough, my entire past from the shadows comes back like a hurricane....

“I’ve changed my mind, Miss Holtrey. The more I get to know you, the more value I find. Hence, the new salary. Plus, you will take a lot of work as I’m a busy man and lead an empire. You’ll see that the amount of work and time I will get from you, will equal the 100k.” It’s a Devil’s pact I’m signing here. And his name is Hunter. Suitable for the real him. He does air a hunter. Lacey? Dad…. You can protect yourself from harm.


Hmm... Yes, my name is Hunter. And yes, whatever I want, I hunt it down and take it. However, it has never happened to me to do so with women.... Ha-ha! I'm usually the one hunted down by them and the one refusing as I'm one picky bastard.

Yet, the moment I hear Baby Snake's voice over a phone call with her best friend, Brenda, it's all it takes for my heart to be shot down and to do the unthinkable since that moment on, as I've NEVER done it before. Oh no, I've never been in love. I'm one cold motherfucker in general....

Till Baby Snake, that is. Ha-ha! Yeah, she's got her eyes and her everything like a baby snake who captures you in her hypnotic spell, and damn if you can get out of it....

But all I'm doing is because I'm in love for real with her and I know she's my one and only baby.... But damn if she's gonna break before me! She calls me KID! And she's a tiny Baby Snake before the one I am! Oh... Baby? Hunter is hunting down your love, and the HELL you're not gonna be mine! Watch the KID! HELL YEAH! Oh.... Saint is mine all the way, love.... No matter what I'll have to do for it! And Baby Snake is such a bad, bad, bad, bad one.... And I love it....

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with the touch of the paranormal, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire's Baby Snake, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © May 2021. All Rights Reserved

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