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Dear Diary : The Pandemic Blues

Dear Diary : The Pandemic Blues

Feb 11, 2022

I have always been one to battle depression and not just " I got dumped by my high school boo boo bear right before the prom " type of depression but real honest to goddess depression. The kind that has a person retreating to their bedroom for days , months , years under the covers with only a book and some junk food for company. Yeah that kind of depression. So I kinda sorta knew what to expect in 2020 when we got hit by this never ending damn pandemic. I hate this pandemic by the way. I loathe it. Yet it still caught me unaware of the very depths of my darkness. Especially when me and my family , a lot of whom are immune compromised , were surrounded in a red state by people too selfish to wear a damn mask , to get a vaccine , to stay home instead of running around spreading germs and misinformation. Yeah I hate this pandemic. Have i told you this lately ? I loathe this pandemic. I hate how my depression grows and how I become more of a shut in than before. I hate how people are becoming increasingly selfish and self absorbed in a " Christian state ". I hate how the government has now basically given up and told people like me we are on our own. So anyone else got the pandemic blues or is it just me myself and I ? By the way I hate this damn pandemic so much and I'm starting to hate people too.

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