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Touching some grass would be nice

Feb 20, 2022

Sometimes I truly hate social media. Sometimes I wish I could go completely ghost and erase all of my social media presence. Yes I realize how ironic this sounds since this blog is typed on a social media kinda site but so be it. Social media has its perks I know. You can meet friends on it. You can communicate with all different types of people from across the globe you wouldn't otherwise meet. But it's such a nasty negative place at the same time. People online are just so brave they can insult and attack and wish ill on complete strangers without knowing the whole story half the time. It's like most have been inside too long even before the pandemic and dearly need to go out and touch some grass , breathe some fresh air , speak to some actual people to be reminded all humans have feelings , wants , needs , desires. Maybe it's because I still remember the nineties ( best time to me ) when everything was not so tied to the internet and people were not trying so hard to be viral influencers. Or maybe it's because I myself need to go outside to touch some grass and breathe some fresh air and speak to REAL LIVE PEOPLE to remind myself that PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE NOT ROBOTS TRAPPED INSIDE A DAMN COMPUTER OR PHONE. Oh well , maybe I do and maybe I will. Please if you're reading my ramblings remember to enjoy life and each other for life is more fleeing and precious than you think.

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