Buy Lucas a coffee



Hey 👋 I just created a page here! Did you know that coffee is the artists' favorite fuel? Ask an artist! :D

About me?

Well, I'm a self taught artist working in many styles, specially cartoons. Please, feel free to take a look to my Posts where you can see some of my art for free!

If you like it and want to help me buy better tools, it would mean a lot to me, and that's just a coffee away!

También hablo español, por si a alguien le sirve. De hecho es mi lengua principal ^_^

If you would like your very own piece of artwork for yourself or for a gift, you can always commission me! Let me know what you want and let's make it happen!

How about some strong coffee?

Some people usually ask me about NSFW art, I do some of those too. You can find them inside the Membership or commission one of those as well. I can turn your favourite characters.. yummy.. *o*

(Membership tab appears once you become a member)

Ok, I'm interested,

let's grab a cup of coffee and talk about your work.

So, would like to know or see more art? Sure! Wanna invite me coffee? I'd love that, thanks!