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Hello! My name is Lucas. In my professional life, I am a product designer: I design & I build websites and applications for a living.

I've been kitesurfing since 2019 and travelling the world to practice my new passion since then. After exploring many dream spots, from Dakhla (Morocco) to Tarifa (Spain) to the Brazilian North coast to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), but also being disappointed about a few places I've visited, I realized that the information that's available online about kitesurfing spots is not always reliable.

There is already a lot of information available on blogs and forums. But I found it frustrating that there wasn't a more objective and user-friendly way to quickly make a decision when planning a kitesurfing trips: is this spot adapted for me, when travelling as a single/as a couple/family/with friends? What about the level required to ride on this spot? Is it adapted for beginners? What about the wind conditions in the next few weeks, are they good enough to ride? What are the best schools I can reach out to if I want to take lessons? And so many more questions that aren't always answered by the existing sources.

I know it's close to impossible to have a comprehensive list of spots. So my idea isn't to build it myself, but through a crowdsourced community. On, anyone can submit information about their best local spots (Submit your spot here).

This is only the beginning. Very shortly, I would like to introduce the possibility for visitors to give feedback and review spots where they went. I want to give more accurate information about the wind forecast, by integrating services like Windguru or Windy.

Anyway, if you'd like to reach out to talk about the project, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or email. Cheers! .

Last word: This project has been developed on my free time, completely on my own, and entirely self-funded. The hosting, databases, various software I'm using (Webflow, Integromat, Zapier, Airtable, etc.) are costing close to $100 a month. I'm not making any money with it, so if you like the idea and would like to support future developments, feel free to make a contribution :)