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Hello. I'm Bruce, aka alucidnation.

I've been making [what I consider to be] beautiful music that you can genuinely lose yourself in for most of my adult life, with varying degrees of 'success'.

If you like what you hear - and I sincerely hope you do - then feel free to buy me a coffee!

ckoNvBFQM bought a coffee.

Listening to Meditations on this rainy Saturday morning after a very long week at work. It’s picking me up and chilling me out. Thanks 🌦

Thanks Adrian! Glad you're enjoying the new record.

Freddie B.
Freddie B. bought 3 coffees.

For all the good times, Bruce. And for the fact I can't live without your music in my life.

I'll be flying after three Americanos, FB! Thank you.. keen to meet up once things return to 'normal'.. whatever that means. It'd be great to see ya. 

Mike bought a coffee.

Bruce, how are you doing? I hope you're well. I've finally got myself a turntable after owning Peace Odyssey on vinyl for 5 years (I forgot my name was on it!) and it's like hearing the album again for the first time. I forgot how good it was. Great to see things are happening again on your website, hope you've batted out a few tunes in lockdown. Whatever you've been up to, I hope this token of appreciation helps keep you suitably caffeinated. Take care, Mike

Mike, thank you for the coffee.  You must've snuck in when the new site was briefly live - as it's still in dev at the moment - I hope to launch it this week, along with a new digi-only release called 'Contemplations', a four-part relaxation suite. Keep tuned.. and keep well 

Harrogate Community Radio
Harrogate Community Radio bought 3 coffees.

For your dedication to radio.

Thanks, Andy. I feel suitably refreshed