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Hello. I'm Bruce, aka alucidnation.

I've been making [what I consider to be] beautiful music that you can genuinely lose yourself in for most of my adult life, with varying degrees of 'success'.

If you like what you hear - and I sincerely hope you do - then feel free to buy me a coffee!

Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson bought 5 coffees.

Sound to Sleep to soothes a weary Psyche with captivating sonics and piano sustains. Thank you for your brilliance. Keep shining.

Thank you very much for the support and your words, Matt.

Sam Dixon
Sam Dixon bought 5 coffees.

I don’t know where to start, you’ve been there through good and bad times and your music is amazing. Please don’t stop making and producing this wonderful thing that enriches our lives

Sam, after 5 coffees, I'll be flying! Thank you for your generosity and words. Really appreciated!

@hughes_kev bought a coffee.

We just wanted to say that we love your work Bruce. Sound to sleep to has been a bedtime staple for us for approx 3 years, and now we’re loving meditations. 

Hey Kev, glad the sounds are working for you... thanks!

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Have a coffee Bruce, or even a cheap pint 🍻

Thanks my man!