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I'm a lucid dreamer, who manifests the dreamscape through my art, writing and podcasts. I love creating creepy, surrealistic delights to whisk you away from the mundane world!

Welcome my fellow creeps! I delight in all that the bizarre and unexpected, and hope you enjoy delving into my mind! If you're enjoying this strange ride, consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support, much love to you!!!
Definitely not Vanessa. Certainly not. bought 3 coffees.

Get you some coffee, lunch, or gas! Good luck at the con today! 

Also, not Vanessa. What’s that?! Shhhh... the wind.... bought 3 coffees.

Carl may need to be a sexy cat. I love what you did with Del and everyone yesterday. Go nuts with Carl if you need something to do today.... 

Not Vanessa, shhhhhhh! bought 3 coffees.

Keep doing art. Keep it strange. Creep people out.  Rinse and repeat as needed. 

Someone bought a coffee.
Someone bought a coffee.