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Hi, I'm lucky Jim. You might have seen my live music show with a big fridge or heard one of my songs off my new album 'There's something Stinky in the Fridge and other Family Favourites'. This is the place where you can support me by becoming a member or buying me a coffee if you've enjoyed my music.

I really enjoy creating and playing music for kids and their parents/carers/grandparents. I strive to produce music that is catchy, stimulates the imagination and is enjoyable for all ages. For me, the best kind of family music can be listened to by everyone on a long car trip or on a lazy Sunday hanging around the house. This is the type of music I like to produce. 


If you didn't know, I love to create funny and engaging music and stories for kids and families.

I’ve been playing and teaching music for over 20 years. When I’m not touring, I’m teaching in primary schools here in Canberra or running music workshops for organisations such as Young Music Society or Musica Viva. For the last five years I have been playing music for kids in schools around Australia in a show with the band Doctor Stovepipe. It’s a Musica Viva show that follows musical trails around the world, exploring how music changes as it travels through space and time.

​I love playing music for kids. It’s fun and raucous and they're an honest and responsive audience. As a teacher and parent, I find that listening to and playing music has a range of educational, emotional and social benefits. It is an important part of cultural life and can bring people together through play, song and dance. This is why I create and produce music for people of all ages. 

If you enjoyed my music, stories or performance you can support my creative work by becoming a member or buying me a coffee or 2. If you can't afford a coffee share my work with your friends. It all helps :)

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Lucky Jim


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