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Having worked with some pretty awesome game dev teams over a number of years, I have finally decided to fulfil my childhood dream of building my very own computer game.

This will be my first solo project, and is based entirely on RL experience working behind the bar of a tiny strip joint in east London.

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You're great 💋

You are FABULOUS. Thank you so very much! XxX

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To all the energy and dedication you put in the beautiful you make :) lots of love 

Merci beaucoup! Tu es vraiment gentil 💋 

Someone bought a whiskey shot.
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Dave Godfrey
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I'll be disappointed if you don't actually spend this on scotch.

Ha! I'll bet! I'm on Lidl's finest atm. Though I'll GLADLY treat myself to a bottle of something that fits your bill. Hero. Legend. Thank you x