Buy Lucy a whiskey shot


As the bartender at a back-end strip club in east London, you will find yourself in more than a few odd situations. 

With a concrete goal of saving 10k to get out of this dump and pursue your dreams, when the time finally comes, will you have the heart to leave what you've become so strangely familiar with?


LuckystrikeLucy is a game developer who began life in London, graduated from art school, lucked out with jobs in some top video game companies (as well as some utterly random ones) then ran around the world for a bit before settling back home in London. 

Raised mainly on MS-DOS, Game Boy, SNES, N64 and a vast array of PC games, she started out as a producer for Supermono Studios before sliding into a unique position at Media Molecule to work on their triple BAFTA winner, Tearaway

In 2020, a global pandemic struck and the world was put into lockdown. This resulted in just enough free time to finally get serious with her first solo project, based entirely on her own personal experiences working behind the bar of a tiny strip club in east London.