Buy Lucy Pass Artist a coffee


Hi pals!

If you're here you probably already know my work, but just in case you've stumbled across this page and know nothing, I'm Lucy and I'm an artist living and working in Cheltenham, UK - Hello there! You can see and buy my work here and on instagram!

A big thank you to every single one of you who already collects my work, enjoys my social media posts, Q&As and offers words of encouragement - you mean the world to me! I work alone in my spare bedroom creating work with my hands, brain and heart, so to feel that kind of support from the outside world truly is a wonderful thing and it makes me stupidly happy to know you're getting enjoyment from what I do - I couldn't do it without you! So the question is, if you met me in real life, would you buy me a coffee? If the answer is yes, you can do so right here! 

By gifting me the price of a cup of coffee, you're making it possible for me to continue doing my thing! If I reach enough supporters, it'd be lovely to start a lottery kind of thing, where I regularly pick a supporter at random to receive a print or a drawing or something, so hopefully this takes off and I can make that happen!

Thanks ever so much!