For day three of the #aspiringauthor challenge, I’d like to introduce NO MAN’S LAND, my first novel series set in the titular strip of land that became the Oklahoma panhandle. In my story, tall tales and Wild West legends come to life as the normal and paranormal find themselves thrust into a battle for preservation and dominance. One man, Ranger Cal Cooper, gets caught up in the conflict and reluctantly becomes the only peacekeeper in a lawless, magical land.

NO MAN’S LAND fits in the Weird West sub genre, meaning monsters, mages, cowboy and outlaws will all find their way into the story. What were the inspirations for this sort of story? Check out my post here to find out!

Check out my mood board, which is composed of really cool spec art I found on at DeviantArt 👇

Art by Seven-teenth, Jai McFarren, Blazbaros, snatti89, DireImpulse, Fernand0FC and Trollfeet Walker. I’m really excited to introduce my characters over time, so STAY TUNED!