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Hi everyone. My name is Luke and I am the lead developer for LukeAirTool and flyLAT. I would like to thank you for your time and support using our software. It has inspired me to keep expanding AirTool by adding features and changes that members want. AirTool has simply grown so big compare to what it was at the beginning. Instead of making this payware, I have chosen to make AirTool a free software. I have seen so many payware softwares that simply do not deliver. I also wanted to make it free so people that simply don't have access to funds. Saying that, running a software like this does cost money. In return, I ask if you can donate a one off or support the project on monthly basis, it will help gradually and will make AirTool live longer. In return I will issue all supporters that have donated over certain amount, premium features. These premium features like Audio+, do take extremely long time to make. In fact it took me over 5 months to come up with a database of airports, destinations and airline. Generating these audios took such a long time. I also had to pay for license to keep the audio software. 

Your support will go towards server cost which is £11.99pm, user interface license which costs £40py, announcements generating £80+. Our server host has been really stable and helpful to the environment. Every payment goes towards planting trees around the globe. Recently I received an email confirming that they have planted over a million trees. Soon we will also be looking at supporting a charity to help children around the world.