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I made so that my friends and I could play our favourite board games wherever we were. Since then, the site has helped millions of people have fun with their friends too.

I'm working hard in my spare time to keep the site up and running, and to update the site with the most requested features. So long as people are having fun, I want to keep the site going.

If you'd like to say thanks, I'd really appreciate a coffee :)

I pinky promise that if I ever monetise netgames, supporters past, present and future will get something for free as a thank you.

In case it's cheaper, you can send funds directly to one of my accounts:

AUD: PayID [email protected] (?)
USD, GBP, SGD, EUR: Email [email protected] for account details. Make sure your wire fees are less than the buymeacoffee fees!
BTC: 3LxmLgpyMsYNbXNao4uzYiSx13apkwstHt

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Jim Allers
Jim Allers bought a coffee.

These games are so much fun!

Hao bought a coffee.
Ben bought 3 coffees.

Great work. Can you do Netrunner? JKJK. A serious note, Two Rooms and a Boom might just be a great option if you aren't familiar. I think that party game might work even better over Zoom...

Lucy bought a coffee.

Thank you!

Edgar bought a coffee.

thank you very much for enabling me and my friends to play these games online! 👌