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Together we donated USD$800 to BIPOC charities in the USA and Australia, thanks for your support!

I made so that my friends and I could play our favourite board games wherever we were. Since then, my site has helped thousands of people have fun with their friends too.

I'm working hard in my spare time to keep the site up and running, and to update the site with the most requested features. So long as people are having fun, I want to keep the site going.

If you'd like to say thanks, I'd really appreciate a coffee :)

I pinky promise that if I ever monetise netgames, supporters past, present and future will get something for free as a thank you. 

To avoid currency conversion and card fees, you can send funds directly to one of my accounts:

AUD: PayID [email protected] (?)
USD, GBP, SGD, EUR: Email [email protected] for account details.
BTC: 3LxmLgpyMsYNbXNao4uzYiSx13apkwstHt

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Vinay Patlolla
Vinay Patlolla bought 3 coffees.

Had unlimited fun in this quarantine time thanks to netgames 

Someone bought a coffee.
@alexcdot bought a coffee.

You rock!

MR HAN WANG bought 3 coffees.

Keep up with the great work! We have had a lot of fun from your games

Stephen bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for site! I've had a blast being able to share my favorite games with friends on Zoom. Decrypto is a fantastic addition! Stay safe my friend. -Stephen