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Hey World, 

So as we know COVID19 has affected us all in so many different ways, I was in the middle of the Caribbean ocean, working on a cruise ship when I was sent home because of the virus. I haven't been able to claim any of the help given by the UK government. But still want to be able to spread some joy with my cover songs through these turbulent times.  

I spend a lot of time and effort creating these videos for you all and drink a lot of coffee in the process of editing and recording. So if you'd like to drop a donation towards the Coffee fund, that would be greatly appreciated.

If not (not a problem) then please just enjoy the work that I've put together during lockdown. If you would like to share it on any social media platform in the hopes of me getting noticed by somebody - please feel free to do so.

Along side coffee, the support received will go toward purchasing more lighting and recording equipment to make this videos bigger and better

Stay safe and fingers crossed that we all get back to "normal" as soon as possible 

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