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Hey all,

After spending 150% of my time engineering drones for 10 years, I'm now enjoying my time creating and contributing to open source projects.

I've always been interested in generative art in general and drawing machines ("plotters") in particular. Plotters have the unique capability to bring generative art in the physical world, imprinting a definitive "analog" component to it (compared to modern printing techniques). My main projects (vpype and vsketch) make it easier to create generative art with plotters.

Although this is a hobby, I try, and spend a lot of time, to apply proper engineering on my projects, with emphasis on sound architecture, idiomatic use of the language, and professional development practices (VCS, testing, continuous integration, build automation, etc.). My aim in doing so is to make my projects better, but also to hone my skills and help others to learn about software development (for many, generative art is their first steps in programming).

I will use the funds to offset some of the costs related to my development activities which include hardware (computer, test plotters, etc.), software licenses (IDE, Windows VM, etc.) and supplies (paper, pen, etc.).

All sponsors will be featured on my projects readme and documentation. I strive to provide the best possible support to anyone using my project, but I will certainly go out of my way for my sponsors.