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Welcome to Inner Luminescence!

I've been on the spiritual path for the last seven years and I'm here to offer the lessons I've learned along the way to the greater community. 

I offer tarot consultations, energy healing and dreamwork. 

My focus is on self-empowerment, wholeness and self-reliance. 

I can: 

- Help you realize that the fragmentation you feel is not who you are, and that your True Essence is untouched by the experiences that made you feel less than what you truly are. You can recapture that sense of Wholeness, and I'm here to help you with that. 

- Help you connect and develop a relationship with your own inner guidance and realize that YOU are the oracle and the healer, and you are the author of the story that is your life. What I offer you are options and alternate perspectives, but what you make of it will still be up to you. I can help you connect with what feels right to you and develop that skill.