Hello and thank you to everyone who watched today's Still Life Part 1 live stream. Special thank you to those who were able to donate, as it supports future videos and art lessons from Explore and Draw Online.

I hope the methods I showed you regarding how to get "tight" and "loose" drawings helped and you all have the start of some fantastic still life drawings. Don't forget to give your eyes a break from all that measuring by doing continuous lines drawings occasionally!

If were not able to join us during the live stream but would like to watch now head to: https://www.facebook.com/exploreanddrawmedway/videos/200760671224832/

If you would like to draw but not sure where to start, head to the link below where I post work made during the live stream and previous events. They're all fantastic and I know you'll find some inspiration from our amazing Explore and Draw members! https://www.facebook.com/exploreanddrawmedway/