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Hi, my name is Jen 👋!

I'm the founder, engineer, designer and customer support behind Lunch Money, a personal finance and budgeting web app.

I'm both an indie hacker and a digital nomad, and I enjoy sharing my journey transparently through writing!


I don't drink coffee,
but I love sushi
so if you'd like to support me,
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tinafang bought 3 nigiris.

Thanks for sharing! Really enjoy reading your blogs, and happy women's day!

Thank you so much! Your support means a lot ☺️ 

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I think you're great at communicating and working in public! 

Thank you for following along and for your support!

Anthony Gawon Lee
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Thanks for the kind tips on Plaid.

My pleasure!

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I really enjoyed reading about your journey and travels. Very inspiring. 

That's so wonderful to hear, thanks for your support!

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Your posts are awesome, your product is awesome, just want to let you know that I'm here cheerleading! 🎉

Aw that's so great to hear! Thanks for your support Jeff! 😄