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Thank you for considering supporting the Serene project.

Who am I?

My name is Sameer, I'm a software engineer by day and an amateur scientist by night who lives by his Code of Honor. Most of my time goes to developing free software either by contributing to other projects or by working on my own stuff which you can find on devheroes. I spend the majority of my time these days working on the Serene compiler and I have a video series on my Youtube channel.

What do I make ?

Serene is a free programming language that I've been working on for sometime now. It started as a self educational project but soon turned into a serious project for me. I want to turn it into a programming language that people use and trust.

I’m a believer in education and free knowledge. While I work on the Serene compiler, I make educational videos about my findings, research on the topic and tools that I use to create the compiler to share the knowledge with others.  You can find the videos on my Youtube channel.

How will I use your donation?

Your generous donations will fund my research, equipment and hardware I need to keep the project running. While it will be impossible to return your kindness, as my token of gratitude your name will be recorded forever as the supporter of the project in the repository and the website of the project.