Format & Compatibility

  • Each sound is available as an audio one-shot (NOT LOOP) in .wav (16 bits). These files are compatible with any DAW.

  • .patch version for some of the instruments is also available so that you can directly play it in your DAW and eventually save it as a preset for later use.​​​​​​​ These files only work for Mac users: GarageBand & Logic Pro X.

How to use

  • The simplest way to use the .wav files is just to drag & drop them in your DAW session or in your sampler plugin. The last option is especially useful if you wanna play the recorded sound on your keyboard to create melodies.

  • To install the .patch files, you have to drop them in the Patches Folder: Users > username > Music > Audio Music Apps > Patches > Instrument. If you don't find this folder, please try to save an instrument in the software first. It will automatically create one!

Other Details

  • The played note for each melodic sample is by default.

  • All the effects I used are already included (reverb, echo, EQ, compressor...).

Packs Content