Wasted Lyrics - Vikram

I'm drinkin ha ha ha
I'm so wasted hoo
I've had 3 shots of JD
And 4 rounds of gin

Some Jägermeister in my belly
I'ma about to win
I'm freaking drunk ha ha ha
I'm so wasted hoo

Tequila in the glass
Lime and salt in the hand
Just put in your system
You're the strongest man

Aa aa aa aa..

I'm sober now
No thats a lie
I'm so wasted

I see colours in the sky
My head is spinning round
Somebody help me now
I'm falling to the ground
I'm freaking drunk oh no

I'm so wasted
Seek my order

I wanna last shot of whiskey
And a beer to chase
Take that absin the pour it
All over my face

Aa aa aa aa..