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About Me and the podcast
My name is Adam Hampton and I am the creator, producer, writer, researcher and host of Lyrics Of Their Life Podcast. I am a music history biographer and fanatic and have always been fascinated by the extraordinary lives and careers of musicians. Where they came from, how they got into music, what the lyrics they wrote actually meant and what their life was like in the music industry. The podcast explores all of these things in a biographical setting and more in as much detail as possible from birth to now or in some cases their death.

How often do I upload content?
The podcast operates in a Seasonal format, In Season 2 which began on the 22nd of March, main episodes (Biographies) are released every Monday, The Weekly Mews is released usually every Thursday depending on the amount of happenings in the world of music and a range of interviews are both currently available and still to come. This means you can buy me a beer in support for a total of at least 6 episodes every month (4 bio's, 2 to 4 weekly mews) with the potential of added bonus interviews along the way when they become available.

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Your support would be greatly appreciated as I am a totally independent podcast creator, meaning I don't have any big production company behind me and every bit of financial support means I can continue doing what I love and creating more great content for you. If you enjoy my podcast then buying me a beer worth $5 helps show you appreciate the work i'm doing. Every episode involves thorough research, time and resources to make so every bit of financial support helps. If you can't afford to buy me a beer that is also totally fine and continuing to support the podcast by clicking the free subscribe button wherever you listen to the podcast is a great way to help out as well as rating and reviewing the podcast 5 stars.

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I'm your host Adam Hampton and this is Lyrics Of Their Life.