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Hello, everyone! I am a community organizer, writer, consultant, and artist in radical mental health and disability justice. On any given day, you might see me organizing virtual mutual aid support spaces, doing neighborhood community development work, leading writing spaces for Queer teens, or consulting with community members and local organizations on radical mental health. When I'm feeling creative, I write poems or express myself through hand-cut collage and cross-stitch. My favorite topics to create around are madness, neurodiversity, trauma, family/ancestry, and birds.

Current Offerings:

I am available for one-on-one radical mental health and disability justice consulting and coaching on a sliding scale basis. Send me a message or check out my website if you'd like to learn more.

I can do a small number of free or sliding scale, one-on-one anti-racist mentoring sessions with other white people on a monthly basis, focusing on working with white people from rural / rural-adjacent backgrounds (especially Southwestern Pennsylvania) and white people who identify as Mad, mentally ill / living with a mental illness, neurodivergent, disabled, or another chosen term. Send me a direct message if you want to learn more.

Other Ways to Support:

I do my best to bring free or low-cost learning opportunities, creative expression, and support spaces to anyone interested. If you’ve learned something from my work or appreciate what I do, please consider buying me a coffee! All funds will help me continue to develop and post more content, and generally not die under capitalism. 

Thank you!