[Stream Sites] Progress Update

Stream Sites is progressing beautifully with two alpha users this month! We're ironing out some quirks and exposing more options for easy editing. I've also added some surveys to the website to learn more about Tools You Use and How You Blog to test some assumptions so far. >> https://streamsites.xyz/#open-surveys... more

Oct 07

Tomorrow is Ship Saturday! The folks at Shipstreams have planned another awesome live event for us to #GetShitDone! Q: What will I be streaming. And when. A: Both are yet to be determined! Let me know what you'd like to see! The current poll options are: A) build my site for M2 Creates, B) design a Twitch overlay/alerts, C) upgrade Origins to VuePress, D) or let me know your idea. Follow me on Twitch to find out when I go live! https://twitch.tv/m2creates & learn more about the event:... more

May 30

In case you missed it, I built another extension! This time for both Chrome -- https://bit.ly/2Wr6YDB -- and Firefox -- https://mzl.la/2WE1aH3. Float collects your system info — browser/OS — so that you can send it to someone who needs to fix something. The project is based on my most popular Codepen so I figured this is a slightly better presentation inside of a Codepen link - ha!... more

May 30

WE DID IT! We, the collective brain of the internet, built a Chrome extension. I couldn't have done it without all you lovely people.❤️  From idea to fire to charts and into the Chrome webstore - Data Viz for Airtable is live in the wild. . https://dataviz-airtable.carrd.co/  Use your keys wisely . Check out the Twitter thread to see how it went down . https://twitter.com/eli_archgirl/status/1063824667125796865... more

Nov 18

I'm building something to visualize Airtable data this weekend for the #24hrStartup challenge! Come hang out and watch me curse at the computer while I attempt to code on Saturday Nov 17! https://24hrstartup.com/melanie-elizabeth-magdalena

Nov 13