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Hello Learners! I'm a Master student in Physics of Complex Systems (UNITO, Turin ; Italy). And I'm currently running a nice project on teaching Machine and Deep Learning

Hello Learners and Welcome to my BMC page!?‍?

My project has started recently and I've been gathering a team of students (physicists, mathematicians and many more) in order to teach & learn (in the meantime) Machine and Deep Learning techniques ?. The spectrum, as you might know, is pretty wide. We'll focus mostly on two applications: 

Fake News Detection in Social Networks ??️ and fighting Climate Change related issues with AI?. 

There is an insane amount of techniques to learn but we'll keep you updated on what we do on Medium, Instagram and Github.??




P.s. If you live in Northern Italy you can consider to join us  as well, just send me an email and we can figure out a way :)