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Toolwatch v.2.0


25.32% of $5530

Toolwatch v.2.0

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Hello there watch lover!
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@robertomachorro bought a coffee.

Hey guys! Love your site, thank you for the service.

Thank you so much for the great support Roberto!

Elio bought a coffee.

I like to use ur App... But at the moment on iOS 14.2 it crashes just starting... So I'm using web version

Hey Elio! Thanks for the support :) iOS 14.2 is still in beta from Apple, let's wait to see how it behaves once it is officially released!

Willem bought 3 coffees.

A great way to learn that the watch that i love does 0 spd for 3 consecutive days.

Congrats Willem, that's definitely a milestone to celebrate!

James McDonald bought a coffee.

I would like to see an upgrade with more features like pics for dashboard watches. Also, could the sensors for vibration and shaking in the phone be used to measure bps, and so on 

Thanks James, you rock! Hope this new update we're working on will please you :)

Alex bought a coffee.

Always a pleasure to use your tool. thanks!

The pleasure is shared, thanks Alex!