I am a firefly

I do not have a fire,

And i'm not even a fly

More likely a bug with plain desires.

I always come with my tiny light

To decorate the warm summer nights

They might say that i'm lucky---

'Cause my light made me pretty.

But, you know what?

I am made up of envy.

I am jealous of the butterfly,

For its lovely wings

Jealous of the crickets---

For having their voices to sing.

I wish i was a dog, a cat or a bird

So as the humans,

They'll surely live a hundred times more than my lifespan.

I am jealous of the sun

For it always shines the brightest

Or even the moon that people risk lives for reaching.

I wish i was one of those random stars

By that, i'll be someone you'd look up.

But above all of these is still a gratefulness.

Thank you my dear Creator

For placing my light right at my back,

By that, no one would notice my gloomy face

Nobody will find out how unlucky i really am,

That behind this sparkle,

Lies a dull, evious creation.

I am just a firefly

More likely a bug with defective appearance.