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Hey, my name is Macaila, it's nice to e-meet you! 👋

I'm a writer on a mission to create content and lasting social change through blog posts and digital content.

I share my journey on slow and sustainable living at

Slow living is a lifestyle about consuming less and living with more intention. Sustainable living is making the decision to prioritize the environment and leading a life that is less wasteful.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday I share blog posts to encourage and equip others with the resources needed to begin or fuel their own slow and sustainable journey.

When you purchase a cup of coffee for me you are ensuring I'm able to continue producing articles and leaning into my creativity to grow my digital audience and create an authentic community who want to live more purposefully and do good––for themselves, others, and the world.

Writing Themes:

Tuesday-–– Community &/or lifestyle oriented.

Blog posts in these category themes look like providing info to you, my lovely community while also spotlighting other communities––small businesses I recommend supporting, community challenges I've found, tips on how to make sustainability work for you, interviews with celebrity & public figures, how to navigate current life, mental health + more!

Thursday––Social justice oriented. On these days I'll specifically address social justice topics and share resources. Some weeks this will look like free downloads (like these social justice memory cards I created), documentaries, stories of survivors and advocates, share petitions, etc.

Sunday––The "Sunday Spotlights" series winds down one week and bridges the beginning of another. I share what I've learned from the previous week, memories, and use this as a digital diary page you can peek into.

I also share monthly newsletters which you can subscribe to on my blog.

What Your Support Goes To:

When you purchase a cup of coffee or membership from me, you are helping me work towards the goals I am moving towards. Here are things that I am working towards and that your patron will help me achieve.

✨More frequent newsletter communication

✨Additional downloadable games/resources

✨Creative campaigns


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