Goooood morning and happy April 1st! I hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you are.

This is my second post on this platform and I was inspired by a fellow writer, Brianna Stryker, to create monthly goals and publicize them. And so, I have mapped out April's goals and sharing them with you.

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March Recap:

  • I sent out my monthly newsletter on March 1st and decided to take the time to created a new template. It took me a while to figure out the format I wanted but having sections mapped out helped me stay consistent with my communication.

  • Last month I decided to get back on a regular posting schedule and I committed to publishing three blog posts per week––Tuesday/Thursday/Sundays. I also created themes for each day to organize my content and balance out the type of writing I was sharing.

  • Total blog posts published in March: 13. I notieced this helped to have more balance content amongst my categories.

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General Blogging Goals:

  • Increase my 30-day blog pageviews by 10,000 views to qualify for a new monotizing program

  • 10,000 followers on Instagram for the "swip up"

  • Obtain 1,000 more email subscribers

  • Convert my Pinterest views to blog viewers

  • Grow to 1,000 Twitter followers

Now that I have shared my general blogging goals, I want to share my april goals in order to help me reach those larger overall goals.

Current Social Media Stats:

Instagram: 1,323 followers
Pinterest: 9.9 million monthly views
Twitter: 331 followers

General April Goals:


  • Continue with the T/Th/Su blog posting schedule

  • Promote my free downloadables to increase subscription rate

  • Brainstorm and map out a new downloadable idea


  • Post to Instagram three times per week

  • Have fun creating content


  • Research more techniques for converting Pinterest viewers & post more blog links to the platform


  • Show up on Twitter consistently

  • Engage with my audience and branch out of my timeline bubble

  • Increases my following to 400

Buy Me a Coffee:

  • Familiarize myself with this platform more

  • Recieve my first supporter! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. What are your April goals?