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the madrigal is a poetry publication that aspires to produce bodies of work that are transient, emotive, delicate, and familiar in their capacity to evoke emotion and elicit a response from their reader. we are a space for exploration, introspection, warmth, and effervescence, both to first time poets, seasoned vets, and everyone else in between! our poetry will be nostalgic, accessible, and deeply intimate –– a distinct and recognized feeling of home, always.
begun in dublin by two history and politics students in april of 2021, the madrigal has already published two leading issues –– volume i, 'the nest', which acts as a collection of the editors' own work; and volume ii, 'roots', its first contributory issue and collection of work featuring over 50 poems from 37 contributors in all parts of the world. run entirely out of a student budget out of pocket, the madrigal is a non-profit venture hoping to gradually expand, and would greatly appreciate any support available! all coffees go directly towards funding our print issues, paying web and mailing fees, and (eventually) paying our contributors –– we can't thank you enough for your consideration, love, and support!