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Why I'm Here🤓

Sep 25, 2020

Hey lil' donuts, if you’ve found your way here from my Instagram, welcome! Good to see you again:) For those who may not be familiar with my whole deal, let me tell you how I got here: I fell in love with the concept of social media during the loneliest, most isolated period of my life. For context: I had a terrible time at university- many days spent in bed with the shades down to block out the light so I could just keep falling back asleep over and over to escape the nightmare I was living. Being able to connect with people online made me feel less alone, and I really leaned into that. Some people say that social media interaction is meaningless when compared to “real life” connection, and I’m happy for those people that they’re clearly not in a situation where their ability to have the latter is heavily impeded by any number of obstacles. All that is to say, I appreciate the people who have connected with me online (especially on IG), a lot more than they probably realize. It’s real if you make it real. So I just kept making and making and making content that I could share and hopefully pique someone’s interest/give them a chuckle.

Instagram has unfortunately lost a lot of its sparkle for me, so I’m branching out onto some new platforms, with Buy Me A Coffee being one of them! Subscription-based platforms are uncharted territory for me, but I found myself drawn to the flexible nature of BMC- if you like what someone produces, you can just...”buy them a coffee”, with no monthly obligation. I think this takes a lot of pressure off the creator and the supporter, and creates an environment where the carefully curated content you create (say that five times fast) actually gets seen by the people who want to consume it. I could go on and on about various social media platforms and their benefits/drawbacks (it’s actually a big part of my job) but this post is getting absurdly long so I’ll save that sermon for another day (or several).

TLDR: I’m here because I spend a ton of time on social media creating content, and this seems like a great platform for it to actually be seen&appreciated:)

Sugar rushingly yours,


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