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Maestromatch is a site that was created to support musicians and people who are quarantining at home. Many musicians lost their regular jobs performing music, due to social distancing measures. With many world class musicians having more time on their hands, founder Steve Whipple (Me! I'm a musician myself who lost all performing jobs) thought that this could actually be an opportunity for people all over the world, who are stuck at home as well, to get online lessons from world class artists who normally wouldn't be available for lessons.

It started as a Google doc, but when my friends Sarah Krauss and Harley Sugarman saw what he was doing, they volunteered to turn the list into an actual website, and Maestro Match was born. 

Since its inception, there have been over 700 teachers signed up, and I am hearing happy from teachers who have found students, which makes me very happy.

We don't take a commission from the teachers because we know the teachers are struggling. 

If you want to support what we're doing and feel like showing some love, a cup of coffee would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

S, P, and J
S, P, and J bought 15 coffees.

Great work!

A B bought a coffee.
Dave bought 5 coffees.

Thanks all for investing so much hard work into this. Just taught my first Maestro Match lesson! I appreciate all of you. 

@sleepinbee bought 3 coffees.

Got an email from a prospective student today! Thank you.

@russgottlieb bought 3 coffees.

Musician and teacher.  Have 1 loyal student from this so far. THANK YOU