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Premium version of Magazines Daily where paid magazines, newspapers, award winning novels and well researched and curated articles are published. F.A.Q 1. What is magazines daily premium channel? This telegram channel is a paid version of magazines daily where all the world class paid magazines, newspapers and award winning novels are posted in a more intriguing and consistent way. 2. How much does it cost to join premium channel? • It costs only a flat rate of 5 GBP  (tax inclusive).This cost covers your lifetime subscription   in the  premium channel and you will have saved alot from subscribing to other sources which you would otherwise be paying monthly or so. 3. How can I get the premium channel link after payment? After payment, you'll automatically be redirected to a " Thank You " page which contains the premium channel link. click on it and join. 4. Will I have to pay again once I join the premium channel? • No ! It's only a one time payment for lifetime subscription. 5. Which magazines or newspapers do you share? ~You'll get paid magazines for free, examples include but not limited to : - • Wall Street Journal Magazine  • The Forbes Magazine • Havard Business Review • Financial Times Magazine  • The New York Times Magazine • Premium Audio Books  • New Year Best Selling Books  • Times Magazine  • Higher Education Times • Best selling financial books for businesses oriented minds and Investors. • The People South Africa • Bloomberg Magazine  • Bloomberg Markets  • Daily Nation (🇰🇪) • Standard (🇰🇪) • Bussiness Daily (🇰🇪) • The People Daily(🇰🇪) • The Star (🇰🇪) .....and many more as your request will be.