Back in 2018, I started writing a novel that would wind up incorporating many autobiographical elements from my life, my family and more. Now that book – which has been done for a while now – is finally available in physical form to own.

REGRETLAND follows a woman named Sarah Muller, who’s a mother and professional alcoholic. After befriend her daughters math tutor, a young college woman named Lori Bellows, the two go on a journey together of sorts to seek out their regrets from their youths and fix them. Why does Sarah believe her husband is having an affair? Why didn’t Lori tell a girl she knew growing up how she truly felt? A book about generational divide, lesbianism and family, REGRETLAND is a book I’ve always known I’d someday, in some capacity, write.

It’s about 75k words and runs about 310 pages. It’s available in physical format only at my Payhip. You can find it through this link right here.

I’d be super appreciative if people bought and read it, not just because I need the money to pay bills and medical needs, but also because it’s a very deeply personal book that really gets at the heart of many of my flaws and faults growing up, and as an adult, and I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of people out there who’ve felt the same way. If you’ve ever questioned your family or your sexuality, or any decision in your life really, then this book may help you in some regard.

Be warned, it deals with some extremely sensitive topics such as suicide, homophobia and physical abuse, sexual or otherwise.

Thank you.