Buy Magyar Cymru a coffee


Croeso | Welcome | Üdvözöllek!

My name is Balint and I'm the Founder of Magyar Cymru - a totally no-budget, volunteer-run initiative to build cultural 'bridges' between Wales and Hungary.

That's right! For the last three years, I've dedicated (pretty much all) my free time to showcasing Welsh culture to Hungarians and vice versa... while raising awareness of our many fascinating cultural ties!

I did this through 14 creative activations, dozens of media interviews, and daily Welsh-Hungarian social media content in three languages.

But my journey is far from over. I'm launching the second annual Wales Week Hungary programme, co-organising a historic Hungarian Day in Mid Wales, producing resources for children, hosting language learning sessions, and more.

Doing all this alongside work and university requires a lot of coffee - so I'd be very grateful if you "bought" me one! :)

Diolch yn fawr | Thank you | Köszönöm,