With Prusa's design competition coming up I've been experimenting with a lot of planter ideas, with a lot of focus of not over watering. I've made a self watering planter, I attempted a concrete mold for a planter with a hidden drip tray, most recently I uploaded a planter that punishes you for over watering with a greedy cup siphon that would dump out the reservoir out the bottom as a gag really. Then I got the idea to make this siphon version more fun and to try and use the head pressure it develops from dumping the water into a little fountain element, or at least attempt to. So with my fluids textbook in hand using the manometer equation mixed with bernoullis equation I am currently printing my third attempt as my second attempt did have enough air flow for the water to properly drain this caused not enough pressure to build up for the fountain to correctly pressurize. Heres a snippet of the time lapse for the second version printing if you'd like to see.