After printing the new ground link with screws, it led to a series of fast iterations afterward. I realized to get the correct clearances I needed 2 extra spacers and to countersink both holes on my input link but in opposite directions. Also this probably wasn't necessary but I made a pen stand so my ink cartridge would stop bleeding every where. The I bolted the whole mechanism to a piece of MDF and began testing. I found that my measurements were slightly off but I did have a curve that would fit the points I just needed to make sure I set the right orientation. To make sure when I put a clean piece of paper in that they are aligned, I let the mechanism trace its path on the mdf and then darkened it with a sharpie. This way when I set the paper on the board I can see the line through the paper, line it up, and then secure the page confident I hit all the points. I grabbed this clip to show it in action.

Hopefully I make it to class with it in one piece now!