When my daughter and I were going for a walk I came across some Oak shipping dunnage and had been holding onto it for a few years. I came across these "retro" Edison bulbs in a local store and bought a few. I have a number of styles now but settled on the classic look.  For the wiring, I used an Ikea fabric wrapped hanging lamp cord.  The total materials cost for the project is probably around $20 Canadian.  I cut to length and sanded the oak to 240 grit so that I would leave a lot of the texture from the rough cut lumber.   Finding the center of the wood, I drilled a 2" hole deep enough to conceal the light socket and wiring. A hole was later drilled that allowed me to pass the wire through and up the central hole. After connecting the wire to the socket I pressed it in flush.  I applied 2 coats of Tongue oil and let it dry.