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Welcome to my new 'coffee' page. There's a little link which allows you to buy me a coffee should you wish to do so, though when I finally worked out how to change their setting from dollars to pounds, the five dollars turned, willy nilly into five pounds! So perhaps we had better call this a coffee and a cake! We can make it a real one when we have a chance to meet agin in the real world!

Thanks to Lancia Smith for the photo!

Robert bought a coffee.

Loved the course

Skip Stevens
Skip Stevens bought a coffee.

Malcolm, much to like about you and your blog, such as Dylan between Plato and The Wanderer on your bookshelf. Please don't change that picture!

Mary Tabb from Louisiana
Mary Tabb from Louisiana bought 5 coffees.

Malcolm - Husband Donald Tabb is with the LORD in Heaven and he would be the first one to take you to coffee.  So have a week of coffees on him.  (I'll take care of the "earthly arrangement" to make that possible!)He was a Cowboy Poet/Preacher that you taught to write sonnets in iambic pentameter at Oxbridge so long ago.Merry CHRISTmas to you and yourlovely family.  LORD WILLING, I will see you all at Oxbridge.

Someone bought a coffee.
Jennifer Edie
Jennifer Edie bought a coffee.

Thank you yet again for enriching my thoughts.