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Welcome to my new 'coffee' page. There's a little link which allows you to buy me a coffee should you wish to do so, though when I finally worked out how to change their setting from dollars to pounds, the five dollars turned, willy nilly into five pounds! So perhaps we had better call this a coffee and a cake! We can make it a real one when we have a chance to meet agin in the real world!

Thanks to Lancia Smith for the photo!

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May God continue to bless and uphold you

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We've begun to read _David's Crown_ and it's delightful how much better the interconnections of the corona come through in physical form. I spent a few minutes just flipping back and forth between Psalms 1 and 150! In a similar vein, I appreciated your introduction to Rob Macfarlane’s _The Lost Words_, as I'd read about it, but didn't fathom its almost numinous quality. Godspeed!

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