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Welcome to my new 'coffee' page. There's a little link which allows you to buy me a coffee should you wish to do so, though when I finally worked out how to change their setting from dollars to pounds, the five dollars turned, willy nilly into five pounds! So perhaps we had better call this a coffee and a cake! We can make it a real one when we have a chance to meet agin in the real world!

Thanks to Lancia Smith for the photo!

Mrs Susan Furnivall
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Someone bought 5 coffees.

Your labor of love is so gratefully received each time you post, and God will not forget it either. Sowing seeds unto eternal life. Those seeds are welcomed into the soil of my heart ❤️ 

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Thank you..... again

Cindy and Carly Anderson
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Thank you for your poetry. Your words are a gift to us.