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Woah, hey! You actually clicked that link! You should scroll down and read the story.

I'm assuming you're here because of hackattic, right? If any of the following is true for you:

  • you liked some part of that website – be it a challenge, the colors (hey, maybe you like white), anything else
  • you dislike hackattic so much you want to coffee-bribe me into taking it down
  • you just want a coffee_support badge on your profile
  • you want to suggest or request a feature with the added pressure of virtually putting a coffee on my desk

... well then, my dear stranger, this is the place for you!

On a more serious note, thanks for even considering sending a coffee my way. I actually like coffee. A lot.

If you want to support me on my quest of adding challenges and new stuff, it means the world to me.


atredi bought 3 coffees.

love your work!

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Thanks for creating hackattic, Jacek! Please continue indulging us with new challenges! Have a great day!

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Paul Kuruvilla
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