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I am creating fully animated 3D games, mixing elements of Point and Click and Visual Novels. There will be many characters, places and sexual content.

Now I'm working on my first game called "Steps 4 Happiness". The story focuses on four characters: Brendon, a young man, his father Barney, his stepmother Jane and Nicole (who is not related to anyone), all living in the same house.

The four characters will learn to live together, getting to know each other, creating bonds, exploring and sharing their fantasies and sexuality in a fully animated and 3D adult game.
The current version contains the first chapter of the story.


It was a lot that I was able to do without any help and little time. Imagine how much I could create if I could work on this project full time.

I really want to make the best of all these games that inhabit my mind. Your support can facilitate and speed up this process.

Thank you!