Buy Fiona Weaver | Mama Matters a wine


Hey Friends 👋

Come on in and join our community and nerd out with your new pals in our very exclusive Mama Matters Book + Wine Club!

No payment too small. I am just happy to have you here!

1. Buy yo gal a wine! This is your very affordable ticket to the trial month of our exclusive club. 

2. Read the Welcome Email.

3. Join the Private Facebook Group.

3. Purchase and read/ listen to the chosen book on Audible or in hard copy.

4. Drink said wine and chat about said book in our end of month catch-up - the best part!

5. If after the month we think "OMG THAT WAS AMAZING" then you will have the opportunity to sign up to an ongoing (no lock-in) membership.

Cannot wait, ladies! Let's nerd out together.

See you in there!

Fiona x