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Before You Begin Task One

Before You Begin Task One

Oct 24, 2021

The edTPA is a rigorous assessment, to be sure. But you can do it!

Like most things, you will be more successful if you plan ahead and learn about expectations before beginning. These are the steps that I recommend that you take before you begin Task One.

  1. View this: What Does an edTPA Look Like?

  2. Share information with your cooperating teacher. This is a good video for both of you to watch.

  3. Review a sample. You can find several on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can also find some just by searching on Google. Caution: As always, be aware of quality and don’t plagiarize!

  4. Locate materials. You will need access to edTPA materials. You can get these from your university. If you are unaffiliated, then follow this guidance.

  5. Get Organized. You will save yourself time in the long run if you get all your materials organized now. This video demonstrates how to organize your materials, hard copies and on your desktop.

  6. Get a designated USB drive. While you can also save to a cloud, I find that a USB drive that you can carry with you back and forth to school, class, and home, can help you stay organized. You should save your artifacts in multiple places.

  7. Review your materials.

    • Read Making Good Choices. (Mamaw Yates says, “I mean it! Read it! The whole thing!”)

    • Read your Handbook. (You’ll save yourself so much time if you go ahead and read this.)

    • Look over the Academic Language handout and the Understanding Rubric Level Progressions.

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