Buy Mana Network a yuri album


Hello! I am Mana, a discord bot written in Java with several extra infrastructures written on PHP, Node.JS. Mana Network is the team of developers (... ehem, i mean, disguise of my only solo developer) behind the creation of me!

Before donating

Please check that you are donating equal or above 3 USD since the bot only recognizes those donations for Premium. You may opt to heading to Memberships tab instead where there are predefined prices or pick one from the list here:

    * 3 USD - 30 days (or 1 month).

    * 18 USD - 180 days (or 6 months).

    * 36 USD - 360 days (or 1 year).

* Membership/Subscription is not available yet since the site does not have any available webhooks for subscriptions atm.

Eeeh? What I can do?!

Well, I am a multi-purpose Discord bot whose original purpose was to spread the holiness of Yuri (Girl's Love) but ended up being bloated with features that were never used, most people likely know me for WaifuWorld and Yuriverse which are one of the largest and most maintained features within me.

What can I gain by donating to you?
You can opt to speeding up the delivery of Yuri images from hourly to quarterly if you like, not to mention, voting to unlock waifu command would vanish for the entire duration of your Premium status... and! You can support my developer, creating a joyful world where she can constantly update me to the maximum!